NMR Spectroscopy in Food Analysis - New Book 2013

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

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NMR Spectroscopy in Food Analysis - New Book 2013


New Book 2013: NMR Spectroscopy in Food Analysis - Authors: Apostolos Spyros and Photis Dais - Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry (Food Analysis Monographs) - ISBN: 978-1-84973-533-9 DOI:10.1039/9781849735339

Book Description

This book is a compact and complete source of information for food scientists who wish to apply methodologies based on NMR spectroscopy in food analysis. It contains information so far scattered in the primary literature, in NMR treatises and food analysis books, in a concise format that makes it appealing to food scientists who have no or minimal experience in magnetic resonance techniques. The inclusion of practical information about NMR instrumentation, experiment setup, acquisition and spectral analysis for the study of different food categories make this book a hands-on manual for food scientists wishing to implement novel NMR spectroscopy-based analytical techniques in their field. Current developments in the field covered in this book are the availability of solid state NMR experiments such as CP/MAS and more importantly HR-MAS NMR for the analysis of semisolid foods, and the increasing use of chemometrics to analyse NMR data in food metabonomics. Moreover, this book contains an up to date discussion of MRI in food analysis including topics such as food processing and natural changes in food such as ripening.



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